eZ Publish Legacy / Mirrors


The eZ Publish Legacy Project has created git based version control mirrors of all our community resources on GitHub -> GitLab -> Bitbucket!

If you find that we are not mirroring your eZ Publish Platform (Legacy included) resources (git repositories, tools, extensions, code of any kind, etc) please contact us and we would be glad to include your resources in our public mirrors automatically.

Our mirrors are synced every day at the very least.

Here are direct links to each one of our mirrors.

  1. GitHub.com
    1. https://github.com/ezecosystem
    2. https://github.com/ezpublishlegacy
    3. https://github.com/ezpublishlegacyprojects
  2. Gitlab.com
    1. https://gitlab.com/ezecosystem
    2. https://gitlab.com/ezpublishlegacy
    3. https://gitlab.com/ezpublishlegacyprojects
  3. Bitbucket.org
    1. https://bitbucket.org/ezecosystem
    2. https://bitbucket.org/ezpublishlegacy
    3. https://bitbucket.org/ezpublishlegacyprojects

We publish to the following git repository hosting services in the following prioritized order:

  1. GitHub.com
  2. Gitlab.com
  3. Bitbucket.org

If you wish to submit a pull request or work on one of our repositories in general we prefer you use our GitHub.com mirrors for those needs.